This assessment contains 10 statements. Evaluate how true each of these statements is for
your business on a scale from 0 (low) to 10 (high) as shown below. You may score the 
statements with any whole or decimal number between the following scales:
0 = Never true at all
2.5 = A little true
5 = Partially true
7.5 = Mostly true
10 = Always fully true
When you have completed the Assessment, click "Total Score" to see your score.
Press the Caveat button on each question to get a detailed explanation of the question 
and definitions.
1 My business knows clearly where growth is expected for the next 3 years, in our market for our products/services, market segments, and geographic areas. Caveat
2 We know which are the five foremost “criteria or attributes” driving customer purchase decisions for the products/services that make up 80% of our sales. Caveat
3 We have created a unique “Customer Value Proposition” that focuses on delivering those five attributes that customers think about when buying a product/service like ours. Caveat
4 “New” products/services represent at least 33% of our total sales for the last three years. Caveat
5 We have “sharpened” our competitive advantage through continuously increasing the value offered to our clients, to become leaders in our market. Caveat
6 Our business rarely “struggles” to hit key targets. Caveat
7 Our people rarely complain about too many priorities and poor communication. Caveat
8 We have "clearly" defined our "business model", and each manager can write it in a few sentences. Caveat
9 We have “clearly” defined our “competitive positioning strategy”, and each manager can write it in a few sentences. Caveat
10 Return on Assets (profit margin multiplied by total assets) is the “milestone” by which we measure our continuous success. ROA is how we measure the “wealth” created in our business. Caveat
    Understanding your score
  VERIFICATION QUESTION: What is your ROA (Return on Assets)? Caveat
  To calculate ROA (sometimes referred to as “Return on Investment”, divide your company's annual net profits by its total assets. Your answer should display as a percentage.